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Friday, November 16

Bus route from UK to Himalayas

  A new 4,000-mile bus route, which takes 12 days to complete, has been created from Birmingham city in the United Kingdom to the Himalayas.

Mirpur in Jammu and Kashmir will now be directly linked by road with the United Kingdom (UK) through a direct bus service. The 4,000 mile bus journey will be charged at GBP 130 (Rs.12000-13500) for a ticket. This is definitely a great asset for the passengers and an astonishment too. The bus will travel through 7 different countries. The service is definitely good news for the people of Birmingham, which is home to the world's largest population of Kashmiri expats. The Mirpur region's transport chief Tahir Khokher reportedly said the route will span seven countries including Iran and Pakistan and include stopovers in Quetta, near the Afghan border, and the Iranian capital Tehran.

The idea is to run four luxury buses on the route once a fortnight, and while some are worried about security concerns.